The First Exercise Ball That Does It All!

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  • Sexy Abs
  • Full Body Muscle Toning
  • Cardio
  • Non-Impact
  • Easy To Use

Advanced Rollouts, Full Body Squats, Core Balance Pushups, Balance Planks for Core Activation, Vertical Core Twists

The truth is that regular exercise balls are far too unstable and ineffective to give you the results you want. The TorsoBall™ pivots, rolls and balances you effortlessly with its incredible rotating handle technology giving you full control and stunning results. Simply grab the handles and leverage your bodyweight as the resistance and TorsoBall™ does the rest. Perform the signature 3 minute “one and done” core workout or full body circuit workout for even faster fat burning results. Get the body you’ve always wanted at home with the next generation exercise ball.


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Cindy finally lost her
stubborn 17 pounds
in 60 days!
Julie lost 110 pounds
in 12 months!
Sean lost 40 pounds
in just 60 days!
Greg lost 20 pounds
and got ripped
in just 60 days!